AAU National Records

Hannah Cunliffe 2010 100m,200m Youth AAU National Champion and 100m Record Holder


AAU National Junior Olympic Games  All Time Age Group Records

AAU National Indoor Championship Northern (Girls)

AAU National Indoor Chanpionship  Northern (Boys)

AAU National Indoor Championship Southern (B&G)


  1. Amee Jonhson says:

    Hello, My name is Amee,

    I was wondering how old Lauren Williams (Your daughter) is now, and when is her birthday.

    By the way I think we all better watch out for Laurens name in Rio 2016! Because if that girl continues, she’s going to own track and field!

    • trackmom says:

      @Amee Johnson, Lauren 13 born 7.25.99

      @Trevor Hall I agree completely with your and all the comments regarding this matter.
      Thanks for everyone weighing in:-)

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