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“Runners Take Your Mark: The Parents Guide to Youth Track and Field.

I am very thankful and very excited to be co-authoring a book on how to get kids involved in track and field.   Coach Dean Hebert of  “The Running World According To Dean” and I have collaborated on this one of a kind book.We are sure it will be invaluable to the new parent  and child to track and field

 We have answered questions that  has never been well answered by any publication – until now. Go ahead, Google it. Track and field is the most participated sport in high school in the United States. Yet, the most important questions are seldom if ever addressed. Coaches don’t know, don’t have time or don’t want to share some of this critical information. Most parents and youth do not have a basic understanding of the track and field world! Yet, it is that very understanding that will enhance EVERY parent and youth track & field athlete experience!

Do you know track etiquette?
Do you know what all those abbreviations in track & field stand for (like 300H, DMR, q or Q, NH, ND, NR, IAAF, NFHS)?
Do you know how to be a good spectator (parent) at track meets?
Do you know how to be prepared for a day at the track?
Do you know how to enhance motivation in your child?
Do you know how to find a club or coach?
Do you know how to keep your child optimally focused?
Do you know the facts about college scholarships for track/cross-country?

For a limited time you can purcahse a copy right here at TrackMom.com at a discount. The regular price is 25.00 on Amazon plus shipping Trackmom.com  price is 20.00 including shipping simply mail a  check or money order to:

Dr.Lorraine Wiiliams

6444 East Spring St.#153

Long Beach,California 90815


  1. Tasha (Mom of Edward and Eddie Jones 2nd year runners) says:

    Congratulations!! I will send you a check for $20.00, because I’m excited about my new read “Runners Take Your Mark: The Parents Guide to Youth Track and Field.”

  2. trackmom says:

    Hi Tasha,

    Thanks for the support.it will be there shortly : – )

  3. Rebekah Clark says:

    hi, im rebekah clark I met you and laren about maybe 3 years ago. I i’m doing so well this year, its just remined me of what youu had told me when u had spoked to me that time i met you. and last year was very harsh. i step my game up this year, and i hope to see u and lauren out there. ill be cheering all her on.


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