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  I get lots of questions weekly about nutrition, training, and more maybe one of your questions will be answered. If you have  a question leave it below in the comment section or at my e-mail trackmom1at g mail dot com.

Ask TrackMom

  I have heard lots about stretching and it’s befits. When Is the best time to stretch?

Stretching is best, most experts currently believe after the entire work out is complete.This is for a couple of reasons. At the beginning of a workout you can warm up and do what is called an active or dynamic  stretch…. Drills. These help  with the process of a stretch and warm up  training the body how to carry out a particular movement pattern and teaching the brain and body the how to over and over rand over again.  Passive stretching sends a signal to the body that it’s time to sedate the muscle and slow down. Exactly what you don’t want at the beginning of a work out.

Can a youth athlete that is pre-pubertal grow muscle mass?

Basically, No. Not until Puberty will you begin to see the athlete begin to make gains in muscular strength and size.

My child hates to eat in the morning. What is the right time to eat a pre track meet meal? 

The athlete should always eat something first of all. You have to find out what he likes  and is good for him them provide it 3 hours before the first event and then 1 ½ hours again and supportive snack and there after gage the events ,time Foods such as Yogurt, Granola, Bananas, low-fat cheese are good starts along with a high quality protein turkey slices, etc . I am a real fan of protein shakes.  They are easy, taste good and provide in one shake all the necessary nutritional elements a youth athlete needs first thing in the morning.


How do I know which sports drink is best?

I am not a fan of sports drinks for most track athletes. With that said, many families routinely purchase these drinks which amount to drinking a lot of sugar when water would do just fine in most cases. Sports drinks were created for prolonged intense sports play of 60 minutes or more. One reason to provide a sports drink along with water is because water has no taste and children may not hydrate as they should without the sweeter taste of a sports drink. Sports drink is better that nothing. A balance is best.

If you provide a fruit juice for your athlete it should be diluted because it may cause abdominal cramping, or nausea. Sports drinks provide a 5-6 percent carbohydrate 100% juices provide 10-12%

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  1. Bill says:

    Your book is the best thing I’ve read, but I couldn’t find it in your online store. Where can I get another copy.

    Dr. Booker

  2. Jessica Harris says:

    I have no idea where to start!!! HELP!!!
    My 12 year old daugther is interested in running but she likes sprints and relay, not long distance. We live in Northern San Diego. Any ideas of youth track & field programs?

  3. terrill says:

    Hey track community,
    I have a little sister whos been running track for the past 3 years,
    she will be a second year midget this year and will be running unnattached,
    Me and my mom made the decision to train her unnattached.
    but im a little unsure of how the training phases should go.
    what we had planned is as follows:

    1st PHASE
    —-to concentrate on long distance workouts as well as strength,
    (for the first 2 months

    2nd PHASE
    —–To concentrate more on strenth and pylometric workouts.
    (3 months)

    3rd PHASE
    —-To concentrate on speed workouts
    -up until the end of the season.

    i wanted to know was that a good start,
    and what are you guys suggestions to training an athlete independently.

    ALSO-ive watching the progression of your daughter lauren for the past few years, what kind of workouts do you guys concentrate on in your training sessions. and also, do you guys train her off season????

    I look forward from hearing back from you…

  4. Jennie says:

    What type of spike is the best to put in to sprint shoes to help with speed ?

  5. trackmom says:
  6. Ray says:

    Hello trackmom,

    Looks like you have some very interesting and helpful information posted here. Keep up the great work.

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    recpopulace will be going LIVE later this year and for now you can visit us at and sign up for our newsletter to keep you up to date on our progress.

    Find your fun!

  7. Hey Track Mom!
    Keep up the good work. We love your straight-forward answers here in Richmond, VA :) Soon, we’ll have similar “Ask the Doc” posts on our website. All the best from Capitol Rehab of Richmond!

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