What Is A Great Coach?



Great coaching is what you do with what you have.


Vern Gambetta


  1. I don’t think great coaches are born or bred. I think that great coaches are just Good people with the inate instinct to bring out the best in other individuals. They may be complete failures in other areas of their own life but they are careful not to allow that to spill onto their charges. Great coaches don’t guarantee success they allow it to flow freely of its own accord. They help their charges see the possibilities and then give them the tools and place them on the course to success. They are not the product of their charges (ggod Athlete = Great Coach) but rather the product of their own convictions. The goal of any coach is excellence. For the great coach it is not a goal but an expectation.

    Coach Jackson

  2. AlokC says:

    I’ve noticed that great coaches are also great dads :) Taking Ronald’s comment a bit further, it’s very similar to raising a family. Although we have various certification programs for coaching in every sport, the foundation for any coach is communication. If they cannot communicate properly with passion, their charges will not be listening. Look at the great coaches of all time, all are great communicators, able to build their athletes through their passions.

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