Friday’s 5 Five Fresh Fruits… How To Chose The Best

As we go into the summer months there are all kinds of great summer fruits to chose from for your family on a nice HOT day at the track. Fruits can be a very satisfying,tasty and of course healthy choice for your youth athlete as he prepares his body with good fuel for a day Here are a few of my favorites that I try to include in our food as fuel lunch and snacks for a great  day at the track. 
1.Strawberries: When picking strawberries,  don’t chose those with white caps  or tips or limp yucky looking green stems. Chose the size you like large and small yield good flavor.The California strawberries, are best when bright red , Florida varieties  not so red and intense in color but  flavor is just as good . Wash as you go, don’t rinse and then place in the refrigerator ,they will spoil quickly this way.
2.Raspberries:Raspberries, although rather fragile and easily spoil after just a few days if not stored well are the crown of the berry trio in my book (strawberries,raspberries and blackberries ). Look for raspberries that are fresh and without mold. They should have a strong shape with a degree of  gentle firmness through out .  Look on the bottom of the carton for staining; this may indicate some overripe berries within. Again,rinse/wash as you go, don’t rinse and then place in the refrigerator ,they will spoil quickly this way.
  3.Blackberries:Blackberries are a little more sturdy than raspberries. When choosing blackberries, go for those that look firm, sturdy and pretty, that have a bright black/purple color.when in doubt a taste test is always in order to ensure that they’re not too tart doesn’t hurt, either.
 Choose a well-rounded melons that sound hollow when tapped.Yes this is true) if not it may be mushy and on the way to spoiling. The rind should be dull and just barely give way  to firm pressure when applied. Avoid any with flat or soft spots or punctures in the rind. Keep whole melons at a cool room temperature away from sunlight for up to a week.(I once forgot a watermelon under the back seat of SUV and it was rotten in about 2 days with the heat of the car it wasn’t pretty). After cutting, wrap slices tightly or store chunks in an airtight container and refrigerate.(great as a rehydrator too  because watermelon is over 90% water)
Good kiwis  can vary from hard and sour, to soft and sweet, to gushy and sweet. They are best when they are slightly soft.  Pick the kiwi that is unbruised and symetrical .Hard kiwis will take a long time to ripen but you can place in a paper bag to speed up ripening.You should be able to peel the skin off of a perfectly ripened kiwi by hand, or you can cut them in half and spoon them out of the rind. (this is my favorite way) 
So there are my Five on the Fly for this week!
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