Fridays Five JUST SAY CHEESE!!!


Lauren's very first meet SCMAF 2006 2 Blue and All Smiles...


I am so thankful my dad taught me early in life that a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it leaves you speechless.  The first picture of Lauren as a champion was so exciting and even a little shocking as we didn’t even know she could run really…,I knew jumping, I knew monkey bars,  I knew a bike at 3 running…. not a clue.  Not a meet goes by that I don’t for a brief moment think about this day I shot when she was saying to me “Mom they say I am really fast!, did you see me run? Look they gave me these too! Can I keep them” I reply “Yes Lauren they are yours, you earned them. We will place them in the house in a special place”.  Take some pictures of your favorite athlete this weekend and make sure you get at least one shot in that leaves you speechless and maybe a little teary with memories one day too!

1. Decide ahead of time that you are going to take some great  pictures  on that day. Make it your intention to shoot as many pictures thorough out the day as possible. If you don’t plan ahead you will let the day slip away and no memories will be recorded (I know from personal experience)

2.Make sure you take not only running  or jumping or throwing shots, you take poses and impromptu shots as well .This gives a good overview of the day long after the event is a family history story. Remember one day you kids will thank you for helping  them  remember a great time in the childhood

3. Give your camera to a friend for an hour and let  them get you and others in the photos. Some of my favorite  photos’s   were taken by a  friend  when I didn’t know it.

 4. Don’t forget to use continuous shooting mode if you have it. You will increase your chances of getting that one  great  action shot with this feature.  Remember you can delete the duds later.  

5. Remember to bring extra SD cards or clear the one you have ahead of time to you won’t miss a great shot


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