7 Track Spike Tips For The On Go Track Parent

Here’s another post on “Track Spikes” to help you with little spike issues, Jimson Lee @ Speedendurance.com  shares 7 Great  Tips for Track Spikes This is an article you will want to share.  Thanks Jimson!

“Here are my top 7 tips for your Track spikes

  1. Don’t leave them in your spike bag
  2. Dip the spike pins in 10W30 oil before inserting
  3. Carry extra pairs with different spike lengths and types
  4. Carry a pair of pliers
  5. 200m specialists pin placements
  6. Differences in spike plates
  7. Choosing pins and needles

Take them out of the shoe bag

The biggest tip I can suggest is taking the spikes out of your spike bag when you get home from practice.  This keeps your spikes dry, especially if you have sweaty feet and you don’t wear socks with your spikes.

How may times do you get to track practice, and another athlete sitting next to you is getting ready to take their spikes out of the bag, and… *WHEW* …

Dip the Spike pins in oil before inserting

This is a trick I use for my golf shoes.  Golf is played on moist wet grass and by dipping the pins in 10W30 oil, before screwing them into the shoe, it prevents rust, and therefore allows for easy removal.

If you train in hot dry weather, this shouldn’t be a problem.  But I used to live and train in Vancouver, where it rains 300 days a year, unlike the Cote Azure where it’s sunny 300 days a year”.  Read the entire  article here


  1. P. Scully says:

    Some great tips. Thanks.

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