A Hour Of Surfing Got Me Thinkin’ About (Girls) Women’s Track


Quiet Fire's National JO Champions Lauren Williams 100m,200m,4x100mr and Amber Gore 800m

At least a little bit of each day I think about track and field, particularly girls track and field. I recently was thinking(and internet surfing)   about the sport that brings many of us so much joy and I have come  to the totally biased probably (not based on anything but the fact that I birthed  a now, 12 years ago a girl  who runs and I am a women that runs , okay there is my disclosure! Girls/women’s track and field is absolutely hands down to me the most exciting of track and field. Let me explain.

The male sprinters in particular just don’t hold my attention fully.Yes of course, Bolt and Gay have thrilled us, Jeff Demps caused pause with  his crazy sprint speed as a high school athlete,Obie Moore youth track icon, more recently, Paul Lucas of Arizona has wowed us with just how smooth a 200m and 400m  could look. Bryce Love amazes us in 2009 with National Records and 3 National Championships and much of the same the past 2011 season smashing the previous one and two national records as a youth boy 2012.


Bryce Love youth boy and Lauren  Williams midget girl 200m 2011 JO Champions


Each year I love going and watching all the races girls and boys 100m to 1500m and If I could I would get over to watch the throws and catch the jumps too. But one thing I always get so disappointed about is that football often preempts some  of the top male sprinters from coming to the biggest dance of the track   for the “Age Group Party” crowd this is the  USATF  or AAU Junior Olympic meet.

Yes, boys are fast, yes they break records, but no, we won’t, in more than a few cases ever see some of our top sprinter from age group go on to  college as sprinters, but in many,many cases we will see them on the football field running with a ball toward an end zone. So as many have said America’s best sprinters will never wear a USA uniform for an Olympic or World Championship team. But they just may wear a Cowboy,Raiders of any number of  pro football team uniforms. It’s very easy to figure out,here’s the run down you and I already know about  in list form.

1. The anticipation of a  college and maybe football career

2. Professional Football  pays bigger and better than Track and Field.

3.Football  one of the America’s favorite past times as  a  friend of mine says (“the god of all American Sports”)

4. Some boys feel that even though they “can” run no need to

Yes, I understand boys may be more difficult to follow to the Pros as a track athlete.

Girls, on the other hand while having other sports that can lead to a professional career, seem  not put away track as an option of participation the way some boys do. Girls tend to  not leave the sport as frequently when progressing well. Track is a good sport for young women to pursue if they have the talent to compete at such a high level.  I do love at the youth level the levels(extremes LOL) of details the girls go through for the hair,socks etc..I think they call that the Flo Jo Effect.. It all adds to the drama of the race building to the finals.To some degree this never end s just takes on a different form as the girls mature.

So yes women’s track has won my heart but I can’t help but enjoy a fast race anytime  any age athlete men or woman, boy or girl.


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