Four Years And Counting

WOW  WOW WOW  December 1st ,2011 marked’s  fourth year …Where did the time go? December 1st marked the 4th year of Lauren is now 12 ½ years old  and in January she will officially be a Youth Division Girl. I am 29 again and I continue to absolutely love  Everything Youth Track and Field. When I started this site, Lauren had earned that summer her first Gold and  Silver  National Medals at the AAU Junior Olympics four years later she has earned even more and has grown to  five feet six and a half inches tall. I find myself frequently thinking about high school for Lauren now and just how will keep what we started developing  in Lauren continuing in a positive way.

Over a thousand posts have been written, 98% written by me. I have meet countless track families around the country  and it has been wonderful meeting folks that are going through a similar journey,and every time  I think no one is reading anyway I receive a great letter of encouragement and thanks for It is truly my pleasure and passion that allows me to figure out creative ways to keep writing hopefully, meaningful content that you enjoy.

Thanks for hangin’ out with me and my family as we experience Lauren’s youth track journey. It has been fun, challenging, nerve racking, tiring, discouraging at times,numbing with disbelief,disappointing and down right maddening sometimes but never ever a dull moment. I am grateful to her amazing competitors, S.Vaughn, D.Rodgers, S.Mason to name a few that keep her wanting more and willing to prepare fully for it.

There simply is never enough time to write and share all  I want to ,but  I keep trying all the same. As I get ready to blow out the candles on my Anniversary Cake here are my four  wishes and one bonus  for the coming year  :

1. I wish every kid that wants to run will be able to do so.

2. That USATF will develop a program that will help not only identify but nurture our furture Olympians with in house education and training at the Olympic Training centers,support to the parents and coaches of these athletes,and more information on the best training strategies for youth track athletes

3. That youth track teams would view their teams not only as a stall for the next stallion that happens their way but a training ground for positive development of the youth track athlete.

4. That ever youth track coach in America would view their contribution  as coach seriously and study regularly on  just how to develop the athletes they are responsible for in a progressive responsible manner.

5. That in 2012 every AAU and  USATF association in the nation will do more to help our sport move toward operating in excellence, in the way we conduct business and run our meets small and large on behalf of our youth athletes. We owe them a quality experience every time they hit the track.


I have just begun to learn the in’s and outs of being a  Track Mom, so for my anniversary I  am share a few tips for the journey…. However  short or long it may be.

1. Please don’t talk to a parent when their child’s race is about to begin and he is at the line and the gun is up, you might get a big shush followed by an “Oh sorry I need to watch the race.”

2.Buy something from the snack bar even if it is water for a buck. If everyone purchased one item it would add nicely to the hosting teams bottom line and just think your team could look forward to the same. #let’ssupporteachother

3.  Embrace where your child and his performance is today don’t worry (too much) about tomorrow, it always takes care of itself.

4. Understand you may not get to buy a new car for a few years if you and your athletes really enjoy the sport(any sport). You will be spending that new car money on travel expenses, fancy training that may or may not help their performance,but it will make you feel like you have done your best to help him succeed.

5.Embrace  that you will feel like you are single handily supporting ( by your multiple purchases for your  youth athlete) any number of track and field athletes sponsored by Nike,Under Armour, adidas to name a few. While all along you are sure they should be giving you gear…..

6.Tagging on to #5 above, also embrace,except,understand and learn patience when you bite the big bullet and purchase the ruby colored track shoes(in my case just in time for Wichita Jo’s) and then the athlete tells you “I can’t wear them anymore because I don’t feel fast in them” Just GREAT! Hope the kid I  give them to next will feel fast…LOL

7. Tagging on #6, donate those fancy Nike ruby red shoes to a fellow team mate so you can feel  a little better about your initial purchase.

8. Forget about trying to do something extra   like: special money, shopping, gifts, for a PR(personal record)   you will be broke before you can clear you tab and  they would have lost interest it the concept as a motivator long before that time .

9. Never, Never Never talk about athletes in a negative way in the stands. 1. It’s just not nice. 2. Their parent or friend is bound to be standing right next to you …..That could be uncomfortable to say the least. A mom was talking about Lauren once saying  she was glad she lost a race. I was coming unglued inside like a Momma Cheetah but suppressed outward displeasure. Lauren evened the score later for me  with two great W’s .

10.Parents refrain from screaming at your child to lift his knees at the final 100m of the 400m dash REALLY?? It would be better to find out some easy at home core exercises to help him get a stronger core to be able to have a natural better lift of those knee down the stretch

Bonus Tips

Push  your youth athlete’s just as hard at their other activities and endeavors as you do with track,they will most likely use those skills and pursuits most of their life not just their young life.

Encourage them to be the best they can be,celebrate every bit of growth and development this season.

Get some exercise mom and dad…This sports road can wear a person out , be in good shape for the long haul.

Lastly plan a nice vacation unrelated to Junior Olympics or any track travel you may chose to do this coming season before the little youth athlete becomes a big and busy high school athlete.


Well Here We Go>>>>>Season 2012

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  1. Michael Vinson says:

    Happy 4th birthday, thanks for all you do and provide for the youth track and field, through your site.

  2. Luciana says:

    Congrats on your 4th Anniversary. I am glad to see parents like you who support track and field all year round. I often wish when I was younger we had the support that many of the clubs today have. This summer will be our 3rd summer with the youth track team that Coach Shelton Boutte and I started 2010 in Louisiana and we have seen both ups and downs when it comes to parents not understanding the overall big picture of the program and parents who understand just what it takes and will be with us through thick and thin. We have seen many of our Senior athletes in a short time get full-scholarships to Universities because of our program and the background I have with training for the 2004-2008 Olympics. I couldn’t understand why I received all that knowledge and traveled the world but still felt like I didn’t accomplish my dream, but when I look at the kids I coach and their accomplishments “IT’S ALL WORK IT”.

    Thank you for being so supportive

    P.S please don’t talk to the Coach either at the start of a race we are soooo not listening and I’m pretty accurate with hand timing to the FAT and would be highly upset u messed up my “fast twitch muscle” in my trigger finger…lol


  3. Ravi says:

    My best wishes for the 4th year anniversary !

    It is great to see both Lauren and the website grow each year with purpose.

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