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This is the first installment of what I hope to be one of  many on the top contenders in the Youth Girls Division 2012.If you know of , have a girl on your team or you are the parent of a youth girl please drop me an e-mail and I can give you more info on how to get an article on your favorite youth girl athlete. As always, I am accepting on going submissions for all age  group athletes any time.

Symone Mason is a Native (1999 year of birth) Floridian. I was so excited when her dad/coach consented to allow me to highlight Symone. True age group track and field fans know Symone and I am honored  to introduce  the new comers  to one of the top youth division girls in the nation. If any athlete in this division takes her for granted this coming season they might just be watching her pass them by. Symone has “All The Right Moves”

Symone Jenai Mason is a 12 year old sprinter from Miami, Florida. She was discovered in 2005 by a Physical Education teacher at a summer program while at recess. The teacher noticed that she wasn’t participating in the game of “freeze-tag” with the other kids.  The reason being is that that they refused to play with her because they could never catch her. The teacher, who was also an assistant football coach on the same team as Symone’s father, suggested that he enroll her in a track and field program.

That advice was taken, but never came to fruition. The reason—well, upon arriving at the track for her first day, Symone’s eyes caught glimpse of the playground adjacent to the track, and she decided that she would rather play than run.  So, they tried it again the next year, and Symone bolted out of the car and onto the track. And she hasn’t stop running since.

Since the age of 7, Symone has quietly taken- off to become one of the elite sprinters in her age group.  She has been the Silver Medalist in either the 100 or the 200 every year since the Sub-bantam age group, and subsequently won the 100 at the 2010 AAU Junior Olympics.  She also won a gold medal in the Bantam Girls 4x100m relay at the 2009 USATF Junior Olympics.  Nevertheless, she has yet to realize her full potential, and she still contemplates what she enjoys most about track—- the competition and running, or the comradery and interacting with her friends.  Nevertheless, of all the accolades that Symone has accumulated, her parents are most proud of her being an Honor Roll student, as well as only missing one day of school since she started as preschooler (4 yrs old).

Next year, she will be participating in the Sub-Youth division of AAU which will be loaded with tons of talent from the ’99 group again. As usual with consistently phenomenal runners such as Tywanisha Terry, Saravaughn King, Daesha Rogers, Lauren Williams and Kaelin Roberts.  Her goals for the upcoming 2012 track season are as follows: 100 Meters- sub 12 seconds; 200 Meters- 24.5; and 400 Meters- 56.00.

2007-   USATF Florida Gold Coast Regional Bantam 100 Meters – 4th Place

2008-   AAU Sub-Bantam Girls 100 Meter – 2nd Place

AAU Sub-Bantam Girls 200 Meter – 4th Place

2009    USATF Bantam Girls 100 Meter – 5th Place

USATF Bantam Girls 200 Meter – 2nd Place

USATF Bantam Girls 4x100m Relay – 1st Place

2010    AAU Sub Midget Girls 100 Meter – 1st Place

AAU Sub Midget Girls 200 Meter – 3rd Place

AAU Sub Midget Girls 4x100m Relay – 2nd Place

2011    AAU Midget Girls 100 Meter – 2nd Place

AAU Midget Girls 200 Meter – 2nd Place

AAU Disney Club Nat’l Championships Midget Girls 100 Meters – 1st    

     AAU Disney Club Nat’l Championships Midget Girls 200 Meter – 1st (25.08) Record

AAU Disney Club Nat’l Championships Midget Girls 4x100m Relay – 1st (50.06) Record


Symone Mason 2011 AAU JO Championship Games Don't let that sweet smile and personality fool you she will run you down


Thanks to the Mason Family for the article submission and photographs.


  1. BROOKE MASON says:

    symone my sister no kid im seven she twelve her birth day august 31 1999 her our dad is a coack gene mason and our mom jouce mason im brooke mason

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