Never To Early To Think About Spring and Summer Clothing


I admit I am totally dragging you into my secret addiction today. It’s raining, cold outside and I frankly don’t want to do anything but day dream about clothes I pick out on Pintrest  . I am on a little break here at my office so why not.

What’s Pintrest ?? Well I call it my personal shopper and designer of ideas and fun stuff to waste a little time here and there.Mostly I call it GREAT . Check it out then join in the fun.

Thinking about casual ,comfy and cute  clothes w e Track Mom’s can  wear this spring got me to check out some nice outfits on yes you got it Pinterest. So here is my first burst of inspiration for you to get your own thoughts for just a moment off of practice,cooking and  all the other things that keep you from a little mental escape or physical escape down to your local mall.

I call this out fit above  “My Groove” I love  Chuck Tayor’s the Beatles , hats of all styles,cool watches and a no fuss look. This fits the bill nicely and you can easily find items  like this at any of the local Target,Marshall’s and TJ Maxx retail stores. If you get really creative you may couple with clothes in you closet and you might just have a new look for under 50 dollars.


Use Your Favorite Team Colors For This Early Spring Track Mom Outfit


Our early meets are frequently rainy and cold.This works once again for me makes me feel comfy cosy and if  I  add our team  Quiet Fire sweatshirt gear (if it is really cold) I am good to go!

What’s your Style?  Send me a picture Love to show track mom’s your TM Style

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