TrackMom Diaries…Never a Better Time Than NOW

No time like the present….Yes Time does Fly

Photo from Curiobot

I am reminded today that there is never as better time than right now to do all you can to be the best you can ,the most you can. Lauren has the flu and home sick. Headaches,body aches,vomiting laying  in the dark in her room upstairs sleeping no TV or radio to be watched or heard.

While you can’t plan for illness  or an unexpected side tracking moment our athletes and we too can make the most of the time we have to train hard,get the things we must do done because, inevitability there will be minor road blocks,illness and detours that will slow our momentum down….Hopefully just a little bit. So I am home not at the office,I  have cleaned the kitchen so I would have time( now) to write this post and a few others today. Trying to seize the moment from my detour of the day.

Lauren has been working hard and looking good on the track but by the looks of things she will be out of training at least five more  days.Coach Henry is glad she did all she was asked to do the past few weeks…She will be glad to when gets back to school and the track.

Go Seize The Day!

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