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June 2012 ESPN Magazine article Beyond XI

What do Danica Patrick,Lindsey Vonn, 14 year old Tornado Ali Black, Ronda Rousey, and 12 year old Lauren Williams all have in common?

The ESPN Magazine June 11th Edition Feature these and many other women in sport. The article they are featured in is titled  Beyond  Title IX  Presenting 33 Women who Will CHANGE The Way Sports Are Played.

You could imagine my surprise when a  friend called me and told me to check out the ESPN Magazine on Women’s Sports Issue.I thought oh that’s nice, I will have to check it out then he said check out page 92 Lauren is on the top picture. I couldn’t believe it .  Needless to say we are a very proud of Lauren and look forward to what the future may bring.


Here is the small except on Lauren

The Blur: Lauren Rain Williams

Track aficionados know her as the world’s fastest 11-year-old. But the fact that Williams, now 12, is known at all is what really matters to track. In 2008, at the age of 8, she won the title of Fastest Kid in LA, 8- and 9-year-old division. In 2011, she ran the fastest 100 meters ever by a preteen, clocking 11.94 seconds. (The women’s world record is 10.49 seconds.) If she continues to pick up speed at this pace, she’s a surefire Olympic star and possibly a world-record holder. With her colorful knee-high socks, long braids and breathtaking performances, she’s already winning over an audience. “Kids like Lauren have the ability to draw new people,” says Lauryn Williams, the 2005 world champion in the 100 meters. “Fans who connect with her now will grow as true fans of track.”

Read the entire article here at  ESPNW Women who will change the way sports are played

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