Fridays 5 Five Natural Tips For Healing Chapped Lips


Have you ever told you kid right before they go to staging for a race or field event ” Hey!  Get some chapstick on your lips they look soooo dry” I am sure I said it more than a few times and the next thing I say is your not drinking enough get some water on the way too!

There are many reason why our kids and us too can have dried chapped lips from dehydration, licking to much,harsh climate conditions especially windy days or very hot days for starters. They key is to try to figure out why the lips our chapped and how to remedy the dryness, so we can have well hydrated beautiful lips all the time.

Reasons For Chapped Lips

• Deficiency of vitamins, iron or essential fatty acids.
• Allergic reaction to some chemicals.
• Dehydration
• Excessive licking of lips
• Exposure to sun radiations
• Certain medications
• Change in climatic conditions


Some Don’t Do’s To Your Lips

Some Do’s and Don’ts:

• Never peel the dead dry skin from the lips.
• Never ever lick of bite your lips, it will cause more chapping.

Here are  “Five Fast Friday” tips to help everyone on the track and watching in the stands enjoying an exciting weekend of Youth Track and Field.


• Coconut oil is very effective in treating chapped lips. Simply apply small amount of oil on your lips several times daily.
• Aloe Vera is an amazing healing agent for our skin. Put a small amount of Aloe Vera gel on your lips daily to cure chapped lips.
• Crush some rose petals and add few drops of glycerin on them. Apply it on your lips every night before going to bed. It will help you to retain the color and lost moister of your lips.
• Rub a slice of cucumber on your lips to get rid of chapped lips.
• Apply castor oil on your dry lips to make them smooth and pink.

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