Power Packed Snacks Just Right For On The Go


Power packed snacks are so important to our hectic lifestyle.  Not  many of us have time to do…well…whatever it is people do to make their food super charged with nutrients.  I certainly don’t have  time to squeeze fruit, dehydrate this, and mix up that for the proper combination of nutrients. Plus, since we’re usually on the go, we need portable snacks that can follow us and fit in nicely with our daily lives. Snack bars are a popular  snack choice.  There are so many varieties on the shelves that it’s up to you to find one that tastes great.  I admit, most of them I just tolerate, and some of them taste like Vitamin B.  Yuk.

I’m sure you know what that tastes like if you’ve had to swallow one of those large pills that contain the B vitamins. It tastes pretty much like what it smells like in that bottle. Yuck! You might want to make your on  homemade “Lara Bar “

Since I love dark  chocolate, I try power bars that are dark chocolate flavored.  Power bars are usually very filling, and they’re packed with vitamins and minerals.  Do check the label to make sure they don’t have a high count of sugar or sodium.  Also make sure they don’t have unhealthy ingredients, such as hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.

I also like smoothies.  While technically a drink, I consider them a power packed snack.  They fill me up and hit the spot during my afternoon munchies.  Bolthouse’s Berry Boost Fruit Smoothie has a very berry taste and is chock full of five essential vitamins. I like to add chia seeds for a creamy texture and lots of omega 3′s and fiber .

Don’t forget the power packed snacks as nature intended them: fruits and vegetables.  Keep your favorites handy at work, so you won’t be tempted by the vending machine.  You can also get dehydrated snacks.  Orange infused cranberries are great dehydrated, contain a lot of Vitamin C, and help keep away those pesky urinary tract infections.  I like to make a healthy trail mix with dehydrated orange infused cranberries and coconut, carob,  Coco nibs ,raisins, and nuts.  The sweetness is natural and satisfies my sweet tooth cravings, as well as providing valuable nutrients that my body needs.

The key is to think ahead and keep these power packed snacks handy.They will come in handy for sure.

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