Fridays 5 Healthy Food Is Just To Expensive….Is It REALLY?

What Is Your Choice For Your Family Budget?


Budget constraints can  prevent many people from eating right.  Here are some excuses we all have probably use at one time or another “I can’t afford to buy healthy food”. “Fruits and vegetables are too expensive”. “Grocery store prices are astronomical”, “It’s cheaper to eat fast food”.

We hear these “excuses” every day—and they’re good ones. But we don’t give up that easily and believe any excuse can be overcome. Today we’re setting out to prove that healthy eating is possible on any budget.

We compared the cost of unhealthy foods from the drive-thru, freezer section and snack foods aisle to the cost of healthy foods. By making even one of these swaps, you can make room in your grocery budget for a few new healthy foods.

The “I can’t eat healthy food because it’s not in my budget” excuse so does NOT work. So don’t use it.

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