Track Parents: 15 Random Health Tips To Improve Your Life Right Now

A nice day to evening at the beach always leaves me refreshed

Attention Track Parents you do a lot for your youth athletes don’t lose yourself in their journey do yourself a favor and go through this list, pick out your weaknesses, and  strengthen them NOW, one  day at a time one at a time .  Don’t feel rushed just don’t take for ever, seriously. Life is a journey, enjoy it and keep it Movin’ and Improvin’. Below are my must do’s  Use the ones  that make sense for you add or subtract and you see fit.

  1. Start your day by praying or meditating and giving thanks
  2.  Learn how to use a foam roller properly to decrease your tension and relieve stress
  3. Try daily to leave the people you come in contact with  better than you found them
  4. Do not judge others, accept them as a lesson to improve yourself in the areas that bug you
  5. Drink  a good amount of water daily
  6. Plan your meals ahead so chaos  won’t ensue and junk food sneaks in
  7. Put your  mind in gear before your mouth
  8. Have  cheat“eat”days or meals and enjoy them
  9. Make everything that comes out of your mouth should be as a promise
  10. Eat your fruit and veggies
  11. Take a high quality systemic enzyme to help your body be its best
  12. Take  a quality multivitamin
  13. When you eat out, pack a little for later before you dive into your great meal
  14. Eat a well rounded breakfast daily
  15. Eat some high quality dark chocolate 72% or more 1 oz daily….yummy

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