USATF National Meeting 2012…One To Remember

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This is my second National Meeting and I sincerely hope that they continue to get better and better.Last year was a great experience but I came home  a little disappointed with some of the topics that needed to be resolved with the Elite Athlete group and a general feeling as business as usual and a self serving environment. I wasn’t discouraged but enthusiastic as to what could be in the coming years and though I may be a little naive I am still hoping for the best for our sport and cheering on every divisions successes and hand work to make TEAM USA the Best In The World.

I attended Youth and Women’s  Track meetings the most and truly there was something to take home daily from these session hands down youth and women’s track has a great group of leaders with a clear agenda of  performance excellence. There meetings were not only informative  but inspiring. I left the women’s meeting knowing that if  I can do my part to help Lauren get to the next level year by year she will be in very good hands as these dedicated coaches and support staff.

Youth Meeting were sometimes less that exciting  but the topics were necessary all the same. Interesting changes are here for our youth athletes. One big change is that we will no longer refer to our youth divisions by a name such as Sub-bantams,Youth etc.. We will now only refer to these athletes by their age group. Out with  the names “Youth or Midget”  and in with 13-14 year old’s for the youth group and 11-12 year old’s for the midget group.

This was caused by a pending lawsuit with the use of  the derogatory name of Midget. The use of the word midget is, for Little People, equated with any other hate word someone might use to describe a minority group. Therefore USATF as now officially retired it from our  age group division description.

The though that while the Olympians were running to Team USA Greatness in London  this summer , over 8,000 kids assembled in Baltimore gave some simply amazing,jaw dropping performances in all age group division  performances in the nearly week-long USATF Junior Olympics.


Lauren Williams 100 200 Bronze             Kaelin Whitney Gold and Junior Olympic record holder 100 and 200   Lynna Irby Silver 100  200  and  Gold 400

Those Elites better not blink because the likes of Kaelin Whitney,Lynna Irby and even my Lauren Rain are setting there sights very high and 2020 isn’t out of th reach of though nor dreams for these girls. That is just the  most tiny tip of a very promising parade of developing athletes over the next

And if the  Elites slacken their pace, it’s   oh-so-so encouraging to remember those 8,000 Junior Olympians waiting in the wings ready to give their all.

Youth Athlete Of The Year Sub-Bantam Sydney Holden

Our Youth Athlete of the Year comes from my part of the world So Cal  “The Los Angeles Jets” Sydney Holden this Sub-Bantam had the distinct honor to win the BEST YOUTH ATHLETE OF THE YEAR with a Gold medal performance in the 400m and a Silver medal in the 1500m

I will have more to share in an up coming post in the TrackMom  Diaries section…Stay tuned

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