The Final Leg Of Our Journey To The JO’s Greensbro, North Carolina

This weekend West Coast Speed Track Team and the Williams family  spent two very hot and very exciting days   qualifying for our new teams first Junior Olympic showing and Lauren’s last official age group regional qualifier  headed toward her last age group Junior Olympic Competition.

I am so proud of our team and also so proud of Lauren’s 5th  USATF Regional Championship in the 100m and 200m.

Her very first Region 15 Championship  was when she was  almost  9 in the 9-10 division (formerly Bantam Girls) and she was trying to go to her first USATF Junior Olympics. To this day it was one of the most exciting races I have ever seen her in. The field  was very strong and there was at least one athlete that she had not ever beaten and was a  older and very strong competitor. When the gun went off I remember holding my breath and then all at once a flash across my view of the finish line and Lauren had won. The crowd was stunned but not more than me. I was so proud and happy for her.Lauren later told me she almost cried she was so happy she reached her goal. She  too was stunned and elated all at once.

Fast forward Sunday the 23rd Lauren woke up a little sore and  needing a little TLC, we got up early and I began to do my

“Momma Doctor” stuff and by the time we left for the track she was feeling much better. With a little less than optimum time to warm up because of my extra time working on her, Henry was concerned but I reassured him that she needed the treatment and she would be just fine.

At the time the 100m was almost ready to go I went down to the finish line to stand alone amongst the crowded stands and  I listened to the cr0wd, the hustle of the  predictions  the for what I knew was the last time she would run this 100 as an ” age group girl” Just another glaring reminder time isn’t stopping and I have to be in the moment and embrace ever moment.

My baby is not a baby any more ……. 6  years from the time we began the track journey, she is now 5’8” 124 pounds and

going to high school at Long Beach Poly this fall Lauren is a Jackrabbit.

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West Coast Speed 13-14 Girls Relay June 23rd, 2013 Winning time 47.34
Greensbro,NC here we come! Jaden Pardue,Staci Ramsey, Lauren Williams and Jazimine Reed

Here are the results of Region 15 Regional Championships

Check out this video of the West Coast Speed 13-14 Champions this weekend


More to come …..  Here we come Greensbro,NC


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