TrackMom Diaries….In The Home Stretch North Carolina Here We Come

North Carolina A&T  Is the location of  Lauren’s last age group meet before high school. It is also the the same location Lauren won her first Junior Olympic Medal x3 100m 200m and after a long hard battle to get the Gold she deserved Long Jump   (ironically she has not competed again in  this event) While it was a very successful meet it was  one of the most trying and disappointing meets  of all the USATF or AAU  National Meets we have been to.  It isn’t just wins or loses that determine the fun factor of a meet….Lodging,easy of parking,stadium accommodations Officials friendliness just to name a few.  And while no one can control the weather that counts too!

North Carolina was the only meet I have been to that poured down so hard it look like a winter storm. So I am hoping for clear skies and great times  for Lauren’s last showing as a Big Girl Now :-)   We have a relay this time,no jumping..100m and 200m and when the meet is over we will for the first time go straight home no AAU Meet. We will have a month to get ready for high school and our annual Palms Springs Get away.

This  final page of this   the final chapter I call “In The Beginning” is just about finish. It has been a wonderful sometimes disappointing experience  but always a learning and growing experience.

I have been MIA this season in part to the transition of helping run a new track club West  Coast Speed(I am the president) trying to get my babies of the ground with a good foundation of training and a solid  functional ,integrity filled  club that, God willing  be here as long as there is a need in our community. Speeding more time with my athletes I treat going to their meets as well and helping them as much as I can to get to their NEXT LEVEL.

We moved to a new home that means boxes boxes boxes….They are still stacked up just not all over slowly getting the final touches to make home complete.

And I added a new past time iI enjoy a LOT….iMovie yes, Apple has me captive at least once a week learning something new for my family archives of Lauren and her journey as well as other fun family photos and video footage. with my new friends(Apple Geeks) like Louie and Mike my horizons  of fun stuff to do on a computer are fully booked ’till heaven .

And recently preparing for Lauren’s Graduation,school choice, award ceremonies dress shopping gift buying for dads grads and all the rest  oh yeah I do work too I had to take a sabbatical from TrackMom. I actually think of so much I want to say daily some times I have to  just turn of my track brain it get distracting.


Off to go celebrate graduation with the relay team crew down by the Beach at Shore Line Village

I am deciding what lies ahead for the next year of my blogging adventure. What direction do you think I should go??

More to follow…..


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