TrackMom Diaries Day 1 Openning Ceremonies Getting In The Groove


West Coast Speed The “Blue Crew” at Opening Ceremonies

Last night (day 1 7.23.13) was the opening ceremonies and some of our team members had never been to one before so it was fun watching their excitement as they marched in.I am not sure how many athletes from our region in total are   here but it visually didn’t seem like as  many as previous years.  The biggest change I see over the past 6 years is enthusiasm…

In general many parents are going through the motions and doing what needs to be done to give the athletes a quality sports experience. The problem is while they(we) continue to travel to these very large events they are rarely the same experiences. The reason is every year is difference( of course).


Let The Games Begin!

Different team dynamics and traveling athletes within the team,different parental expectations,different financial needs,different locations some more desirable than other. As I have come to see no two  Junior Olympics are alike. As the athletes matures so does the experience. By far my Junior Olympic experience has always been worth while but the things I   cherish  from the experience are vastly different now than in 2007 when Lauren won her first Junior Olympic Gold. Now that I have many Junior Olympic moments and seasons  to compare to it is very easy to go back and say by far Knoxville Tennessee 2007 the very first one was the most special… more on that later…. Over all the opening ceremonies was ok   Jackie Joyner  Kersee spoke for about 3 minutes short and to the point Win Lose and Compete Graciously.

Highlight of Day 1

The highlight of competition  for me was the girls Hepthalon I had not realized at first but I knew or had meet almost every athlete in the top 8. I had seen them compete since some of them were 8 years old and evolve to multi-event athletes. I am gratified to see what lovely young women they have grown to and enthusiastic they still seem to be for track and field. Congratulations Ladies!!



1 Fitzgerald, Emma 97 57-Unattached 4698

2 Sutton, April 97 57-Unattached 4579

3 Lopes, Lyndsey 97 14-Valley Vipers AC 4359

4 Livingston, Tia 98 07-Unattached 4251

5 Montgomery, Tairyn 98 15-Los Angel 4186

6 Maycock, McKenna 97 02-Chautauqu 4170

7 McCluskey, Lauren 97 02-Comets TC 4115

8 Hinton, Kaylee 97 12-Club Vaultitude 4114

Tomorrow Lauren will run the 200m 1 st round. I am excited and unexpectedly  not nervous well I  should better say not “anxious”. I know she will do her best  for that day. My expectation is a good performance. Not a first out of the round  not a National record just a good performance. Lauren isn’t a Primary age group athlete any more many other athletes  the same age have developed to her level and some perhaps beyond at this point.

I guess that is the point. This is a sport and no one is an island of talent. If that were the case it wouldn’t be  exciting and nail biting. I am happy for the development of all the athletes and it makes it that much more gratifying and meaningful.Can’t have a horse race with out horses ready to run. Sorry for the animal comparison it just fits so well :-)

So that is it for today  not super exciting just getting in the groove. Tomorrow for starters…  Symone,Tia , Lauren, Candace 200m

Horses  In The Gate!!

More to follow

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