My Break From Track Is Over..Was There Really A Break ?

Greetings Everyone……Yes as usually rumors of my “moving on” are greatly “Exaggerated”, down right WRONG.

I am still around,just trying to figure out what comes next? I am in much need of some Mojo/Special Track Muse inspiration as I begin my 7th year of . This year is especially interesting as I begin a new journey as a High School  “Track Mom”.

As most of you know Lauren now attends Long Beach Poly High School. And as difficult as it is to believe,  we actually now live in the school district (not a transfer)and because she went to a Long Beach  middle school she as the other in her situation(at that time) were offered school of choice.

High school was and is a hard choice for many athletes, much like I imagine college will be  (although college probably will be even tougher on a lot of levels) So Much to think about,so much weight as they student athlete begins the journey into next level athletics and just plain growing up….Yikes I so miss the easier days .

Lauren, gracefully and effortlessly seems to have it under control,she is easy going and works hard. As a mom I  want it all for her,great environment socially,athletically and academically. Yes,I am Pollyanna in my wish for her.

One of my favorite childhood stories “Pollyanna” from Disney.

Yes it is unrealistic at best. What we do have at Poly  is real life, really challenges with school budget for what the kids need on our team and probably all the others there  EXCEPT the “god” of all sports FOOTBALL , heck they probably have issues too!

Looking at today I know I haven’t reached my full potential, I just have so many other interests and time stealers  from this wonderful outlet of my own personal journey of thoughts and reflections from my view of the finish line.

  There just seems not enough time to share all the things in my head about youth track and field.  So for now I continue on, simply figuring out the “New Thing”

I am suppose to do with this little engine that could and should do…….


SO, NO , THERE WAS REALLY NO  BREAK, West Coast Speed Track Team  makes sure I am on the job 24 /7.

I know for now I will continue Got any ideas?? Suggestions, comments?

Leave them in the comments section be my Track Muse while I am figuring out

What is the site going to look like ,feel like act like and become in the next 1-6 months. Might even get a new name( what might that be???)

Time will tell. Thanks for checking in .I am back and writing weekly.


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