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“Track Mom ”  was created to provide an informational site  for Track Moms (and Dad’s too) to learn and share tips and highlight the achievements of  youth track athlete ages 5-15. When Lauren Rain was  7 years old she began running . I found no easily accessible resources to help me understand and get more involved in the sport I have loved since my youth.

After Lauren’s first complete  season  of competition I had learned a great deal about the process of  competiting  unattached ,considering joining a team(lots of good ones to chose from) , joining a team, how to prepare for traveling to a National Championship, assistant training, psychology of  winning, importance of rest….And that’s just the beginning .

I am married to Henry Williams, and we consider it an honor to raise and nurture Lauren together.  We are a family that is enjoying the journey of track  and field  and  our lives together.

Today, I am a full time TrackMom, part-time Chiropractor. Helping with Lauren’s training and all the other activities that drive her little engine. Writing everday , and currently in the process of finishing my second book.

I hope to introduce the concept here at TrackMom.com that a little positive sports intervention  with,  Chiropractic,  body work, healthy eating , proper diet, nutrition  hydration, rest, good balanced age appropriate training and  of course some  fun along with healthy competition  goes a very long way.

I am the co-author of my first book titied:

“Runners Take Your Mark : The Parents Guide To Youth Track and Field ” 

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  1. Oz Thomas says:

    Hi Dr. Williams, I am a dad of an 11yr old funny track lovin little girl. I am an ex-football minded coach. My daughter and I still seem to really have a fun time each track season. I would really like to get a simple weekly or monthly Girls midget 100m, 200m and 400m if you can add it workouts for my daughter. We have been doing the best we can over the last couple years. She has run a bantam girls 10yr old 4th grade 100m in a 13.8 sec in April 2011. She did not have much time to warm up that particular day and ended up straining her inner leg muscle which prevented her from running a lot faster by the end of the season but we decided to take it easy for the rest of the year little nagging muscle pull. Now we are ready to enjoy this 2012 track season and hopefully with a solid track practice training schedule for her 100m, 200m and 400m if you would like to add it. By the way she really admires your daughter Lauren. She is a doll. Wishing continued blessings to you and your always family. Facebook Oz Thomas, Eugene, Oregon.

    Thank you again,



  2. So glad to have happened upon your site! My son started youth track last year at age 6, and we are traveling to our first National AAU competition this year. Glad to have this as a resource for parents, my husband and I also coach the distance kids for our team.

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