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“Track Mom ”  was created to provide an informational site  for Track Moms (and Dad’s too) to learn and share tips and highlight the achievements of  youth track athlete ages 5-15. When Lauren Rain was  7 years old she began running . I found no easily accessible resources to help me understand and get more involved in the sport I have loved since my youth.

After Lauren’s first complete  season  of competition I had learned a great deal about the process of  competing  unattached ,considering joining a team(lots of good ones to chose from) , joining a team, how to prepare for traveling to a National Championship, assistant training, psychology of  winning, importance of rest….And that’s just the beginning .

I am married to Henry Williams, and we consider it an honor to raise and nurture Lauren together.  We are a family that is enjoying the journey of track  and field  and  our lives together.

Today, I am a full time TrackMom, part-time Chiropractor. Helping with Lauren’s training and all the other activities that drive her little engine. Writing  and currently in the process of finishing my second book.

I hope to introduce the concept here at that a little positive sports intervention with,  Chiropractic,  good functional movement training, bodywork, proper  nutrition,  hydration, rest,  proper recovery and  good balanced age appropriate training  with a heavy dose of fun can go along way to  healthy and productive  competition .

I am the co-author of my first book titled:

“Runners Take Your Mark : The Parents Guide To Youth Track and Field ”       


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Lauren’s 6th Track and Field Season  Was Great …..


At the USATF JO  Youth Division (13-14) she earned  2 Bronze  and  AAU Sub Youth(13) 2 Gold. She PR’ed in the 100m during semi’s of 11.79. Lauren’s personal best of the season was 23.71 in the 200m and .  The best news is she will be back in the Youth Division as a 14 year old one more time in 2013.

This is my 4th year of  and  it continues to be a pleasure and honor to share my knowledge, TrackMom observations and my journey to Lauren’s Dream.  I am humbled by the friendliness and well wishes I receive at the tracks around the country and via e-mail.

I never expected to reach more than ten or twenty friends and now it is thousands.I certainly didn’t expect to make life long friends that now count as many. My readers have shared unthinkable sadness at the loss of a child actually collapsing during practice doing the thing the child loved most.

The joys many parents experience as their athletes accomplished a personal goal,athletes writing me and telling me how much they learn from reading about food and diet here at The kindness of strangers inviting us over for  meal while traveling during JO’s.

I have gained so much from and I hope to continue to give something  of value back for years to come. When I began my TrackMom journey it wasn’t planned to be one of the focal points of my life.It has taken on it’s own force and direction so you, like me will have to stay tuned for the next chapter…


ESPN Magazine JUNE ’12 Lauren named one of “33 Women that will change the way sports are played”


THE YOUTH DIVISION and The Official EXIT Of LAUREN in age group track is upon us in 2013, the  teenage Lauren has arrived, ready to be the best competitor she can.


Thanks For Sharing The Journey


AAU Junior Olympics Final Day Is Over. 2 Gold Medals Truly A Blessing Still wearing My “TM Hat” From The First Season :-)

USATF JO Final Day 100m and 200m 2 Bronze Medals One Happy Girl


More To Follow..


  1. Faisal says:

    Peace be with you Track Mom,
    I recently enrolled my Son Mansa (5 yrs. old) in Track and Field at a local club. He has loved to run since he could run. A brief history of the first few days.

    Monday: The first practice was crucial. the coaches ran those pee wees for nearly 2 hours. My son cried a whole lot and told me flat out “i want to quit” during the practice. After practice he was better and says he’ll try again tomorrow (with little to know prompting.) I think he was just happy that it was over.

    Tuesday: he had that nervous energy about him before practice talking more than normal and being real humble, saying he was good and ready for practice. The minute we stepped on the track and he was being sent to stretch “he started to cry” and repeated the infamous words “Daddy I want to quit.” I told him just go stretch and you’ll be okay. For the first time, i ran the 400s (3) with him. Before practice I told him to run until you get tired, walk for ten seconds, and run again. We did it together and though he cried quite a bit going around, this practice he ran even better with more endurance. In his own words after practice. “Daddy this was my best day ever.” Go figure it was his second day. I think the end of practice is his favorite part of the practice.

    Wednesday: No practice, he loved that.

    Thursday: He was good until time to run his 400s and 800s. I ran them with him as before and he ran them better than ever but he cried through a whole lot of it. he covered more distance in a faster time being in top 25% until he just walked the last 50 meters and let a slew of little ones pass him. I was disappointed that he stopped so close to the end and told him so. I didnt want to hurt his feelings but i dont want to handicap him either. Nonetheless, he’s closing the gap on others and is running better.

    That’s the history so far. There’s more to it but in saying that I just want some advice on the normalcy of this and how I should continue to proceed. I believe in my herat that my boy is a gifted human being like most parents and this is a vehicle to help him access his greatness. Yet I don’t want to scar his mental either. Any advice? I need some guidance.

    PS I do plan on getting your book.

  2. Donna Suriano says:

    Hi my Daugter Gianna just turned 11 she runs for a Recreation Department which she loved. But she is very competive and pushers herself she’s been doing the 100-200 meter dash for 4 years now wants to do hurdles she has really no coaching as it is all volunteer. She made it all the way to the Junior Olympics last year in Kansas. Gianna tells us she wants someone to help her shave time off and offer her the right way to train her goal is to be in the olympics and I want to go in the right direction and not someone to scam us since we don’t know where to turn or what to look for. Thank you for any feed back Donna Suriano

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