Have You Seen This Effective Core Exercise


Core is such a buzz word that often times get throw into a seas of ab crunches….This just shouldn’t be so. To have a strong core, a core that supports the work an athlete demands of it , it has to have the proper stability and strength

Lifelong Bone Health Begins In Childhood

A cross sectional picture of a healthy bone matrix and an osteoporotic bone matrix picture courtesy  of ultimate-health-fitness.com

  I am always encouraging my patients and their parents to include as many healthy choices as possible into their regular diet. This doesn’t mean they can’t eat some “fun food at the fair”

Understanding The Hamstring Muscle Basics, Easy As A B C


Routinely, parents,coaches,therapists are talking about the hamstrings,stiff, sore,strained,tore,ruptured

Common Sense Training Approach For Youth Sports


  Common Sense Isn’t So Common in Youth Sports I know this title could go so many places within the youth sphere. Today I am referring specifically  to the proper (what should be) basic training for our youth athletes. There is a behavior many parents in youth sport today

Don’t Forget the Gluteus Medius

picture courtesy of usf.edu/clipart

Anatomy Chart courtesy of FCIT So What is the Gluteus Medius Anyway??? Gluteus Medius syndrome is characterized by  pain in the buttocks, lateral hip,groin or the sacro iliac joint. Often times prolonged sitting can increase pain.The pain is caused by overuse and inflammation of the gluteus medius or the sciatic nerve which is right next [...]