2012 Youth Girl 100m Top Ten Preview

Indiana's Lynna Irby  2010 100m MG 2011,  YG 100m  National Champion

As the outdoor track season opens up here in California (next week in SoCal) and across the country over the next eight weeks. The online youth sports website Youth1  has highlighted the top  Ten Middle School  Girls ( Youth Division 13-14 year olds 7th,8th graders  in the country)  Thanks to Youth1 for the great overview. [...]

Symone Mason All The Right Moves

symone mason_1 2011

  This is the first installment of what I hope to be one of  many on the top contenders in the Youth Girls Division 2012.

Amir Dayal: The Heart Of A Lion With A Passion For Running


Amir Dayal: Bringing Home the Junior Olympic Cross Country Bronze Medal and Exhibiting a Passion for Running

Ajeé Wilson 2011 Youth (under 19) Athlete of the Year


USATF 11.23.11       Ajeé Wilson Makes Winning Look Easy. Ajee  has been named the 2011 Youth Athlete of the Year by USA Track & Field’s Youth Committee. Wilson will be honored on Saturday, December 3, at the Jesse Owens Awards and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in St. Louis, Mo. The highlight of [...]

Lauren Rain Williams “Mission So Very Possible” Season 2011

This season was a " Rain Storm" Of activity and accomplishment

  Coach Dad Henry and I probably know Lauren best. We are her parents and her biggest supporters.  I am a mom and I am a fan.  I am not writing to boast the many accolades and accomplishments of our child but, to celebrate the accomplishments of a great athlete in the making, that just happens to be the [...]