DIY Plyometric Boxes $40.00 For Two

Make your own beautiful Plyo Boxes and save a buck or two

My friend Tim Huntley over at My Athletic Life  shared how he made some inexpensive quality plyo boxes. You don’t know what plyo boxes are for? Here is a short primer. If you want to give making your own give  it a try and save hundreds of dollars Click here and get all the directions to [...]

When Should Weight Lifting Be Done During a Track Workout

Thanks to for this great picture. Deadlifting  my personal favorite lift

This  great short video shared by Jimson Lee@ answers all kinds of thing track coaches and interested parents are dying to know. Derek Hanson did a great job of simply explaining the Question when does the athlete lift weights before  or after a workout.. This is a favorite question of mine and I ask [...]

Are You Still Doing Static Stretching Before A Workout??

These exercises are for after the work out or activity. Thanks

  I am amazed we are still having this conversation.. Stretching is not the same thing as warming up. Confusing stretching with warming up is an all-too-common mistake, so don’t feel  too bad if you are one of the thousands of coaches out there that just has to stick to 1979 rules of warm -up [...]

7 Track Spike Tips For The On Go Track Parent

Oz spikes _475

Here’s another post on “Track Spikes” to help you with little spike issues, Jimson Lee @  shares 7 Great  Tips for Track Spikes This is an article you will want to share.  Thanks Jimson!

Ask Coach Henry…What Are Spikes For? Do I Need Them?

Oz spikes _475

On the last day of  USATF JO 2008  Championships Lauren ran in the Bantam Girl 100m final and took a 7th place finish. As she took her spikes off so we could get ready to travel to Detroit she handed them to me and to my utter amazement