The Magic Of Water Training (Part 1)


Over two years ago seeking to add some variety and fun to Lauren’s summer training we did some research and talked to Dr. Rick McAvoy, a well-respected authority on water  training, sports performance and rehabilitation in water. I was already excited

What’s Happening To High School Track?


  I am frequently asked “what high school will Lauren attend ?? Most often I respond, I have my favorites for academics, I have no favorites as of yet for Athletics”

Coaches Common Sense Training Tips


Good coaching and a diligent  hard working athlete can make a winning team I almost daily talk to at least 3 or more coaches about youth track and field.What can make it better,what are some of the best practices they incorporate to yield the best performance outcomes and simply what they would like to see in [...]

Agility Training For The Youth Track Athlete

Agilty Ladders

  As the march toward the 2011 track season begins to ramp up , coaches everywhere are planning their training strategies adding new things taking away some old ones and beginning to plan for a successful 2011 season.

Energy Systems (Part 2)

  I want to begin part 2 of this series by