So Cal Association Junior Olympic Championship 2012


(Youth1) – Phillip Rocha had a record setting weekend at the USATF So Cal Championship Leg  number one of the qualifying process for USATF Junior Olympics  was an exciting one at Cerritos College.Here is a quick recap as the final  leg of the journey for qualifying for this coming weekend 6.23-24.2012 Thanks to Youth 1 [...]

Housekeeping Monday


  Can you believe it’s November? OMG where did the time go? Just  8 short  weeks before we start calling it the beginning of track season preseason training.Okay Okay Focus… Just Focus : – ) There is still time to get done what ever it is you need to before you happily give up you weekend (Happily….RIGHT??,RIGHT. For [...]

Planning For Success

   Planning For Success…. Coach Rashad Ahmad   As young people what are some of the things you do everyday that you plan for? When you think about those things, what is important to you? Are family, friends, being popular, sports, are those some of the things that are important? Looking at track & field and [...]

Tomorrows Olympians….. How Does USATF Nurture Them Today?

  Runners  Take Your Mark….. Tomorrows Olympians  Peter Thamel of the New York Times wrote an article entitled “Leaders From All Levels Agree to Focus on Youth Game”  It’s about the  youth basketball scene and how in recent past the decline in USA Basketball’s performances at the international level. Just not playing over the past few years as good [...]

Training of Elite Youth Athletes….. What Age Would You Start?

Given that some youth athletes can start their competive  running participation like  bullets out of a gun,only to later  begin to grow and change body size ,coordination and  perhaps interest change as speed abilty of others catch up, and even pass your bullet. How is a parent to know when fast is really “special”  fast and when it’s transitional fast?   Where do we find [...]