Track Parents: 15 Random Health Tips To Improve Your Life Right Now

A nice day to evening at the beach always leaves  me refreshed

Attention Track Parents you do a lot for your youth athletes don’t lose yourself in their journey do yourself a favor and go through this list, pick out your weaknesses, and  strengthen them NOW, one  day at a time one at a time .  Don’t feel rushed just don’t take for ever, seriously. Life is [...]

DIY Plyometric Boxes $40.00 For Two

Make your own beautiful Plyo Boxes and save a buck or two

My friend Tim Huntley over at My Athletic Life  shared how he made some inexpensive quality plyo boxes. You don’t know what plyo boxes are for? Here is a short primer. If you want to give making your own give  it a try and save hundreds of dollars Click here and get all the directions to [...]

Are You Still Doing Static Stretching Before A Workout??

These exercises are for after the work out or activity. Thanks

  I am amazed we are still having this conversation.. Stretching is not the same thing as warming up. Confusing stretching with warming up is an all-too-common mistake, so don’t feel  too bad if you are one of the thousands of coaches out there that just has to stick to 1979 rules of warm -up [...]

I Am A Junior Olympian’s TrackMom

Lauren's Impromptu  Birthday Party In Baltimore during the Junior Olympics

  As I contemplated what I wanted to share about my experience as a Track and Field Junior Olympian’s Mom I pondered

Are Flip Flops and Slide-In Sandals Hurting Your Athletes Performance?

Lauren's FORMER  favorite after race shoes.

  Maybe?? Flip-flops and slide in sandals  have become a staple of the track and field athletes track apparel, and for good reason. After running on a hot track,