Fridays 5 Healthy Food Is Just To Expensive….Is It REALLY?

What Is Your Choice For Your Family Budget?

  Budget constraints can  prevent many people from eating right.  Here are some excuses we all have probably use at one time or another “I can’t afford to buy healthy food”. “Fruits and vegetables are too expensive”. “Grocery store prices are astronomical”, “It’s cheaper to eat fast food”.

Fridays 5 Five Natural Tips For Healing Chapped Lips

Healthy Lips Are So Beautiful

  Have you ever told you kid right before they go to staging for a race or field event ” Hey!  Get some chapstick on your lips they look soooo dry”

Friday’s 5 TrackMom’s Mojo Survial Tips For 2012

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If you can learn and practice some of these tips next year you will be so happy and ultimately your friends and family will be too!

Fridays Five JUST SAY CHEESE!!!

Lauren's very first  meet SCMAF 2006 2 Blue and All Smiles...

    I am so thankful my dad taught me early in life that a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it leaves you speechless.  The first picture of Lauren as a champion was so exciting and even a little shocking as we didn’t even know she could run really…,I knew jumping, I knew monkey [...]

Friday’s 5 Five Fresh Fruits… How To Chose The Best


    As we go into the summer months there are all kinds of great summer fruits to chose from for your family on a nice HOT day at the track. Fruits can be a very satisfying,tasty and of course healthy choice for your youth athlete as he prepares his body with good fuel for a day Here are a [...]