Is There A Dark Stranger Lurking In Your Athletes Sweat Jacket ?


This article was originally posted about a year ago and since then this topic has become even more interesting and needed. We are handing the WORLD to our children and expecting them to understand the details of a world they are  just beginning to understand as they growing toward maturity. I thought it was important [...]

Fridays 5 Five Natural Tips For Healing Chapped Lips

Healthy Lips Are So Beautiful

  Have you ever told you kid right before they go to staging for a race or field event ” Hey!  Get some chapstick on your lips they look soooo dry”

Track and Field Sports Parent Code of Conduct

Track lanes_350

You would think as adults, yes adults and parents we wouldn’t need a remedial lesson on how to conduct ourselves at Track and Field events…..

Amir Rasul Two Sports …. One Speed FAST……..


Looking for high velocity and power? Look no further than South Florida’s double sport standout athlete Amir Rasul, Jr.  This thirteen year-old is full of speed and power on the track and the gridiron.

TrackMom Diaries…Never a Better Time Than NOW


No time like the present….Yes Time does Fly