Need Some Healthy Track and Field Lunch Time Inspiration ??


I found this great post and photo @  Living and Loving Life  Healthy Lunch Inspiration by Lize-Mari Arthur Enjoy..

2012 Youth Girl 100m Top Ten Preview

Indiana's Lynna Irby  2010 100m MG 2011,  YG 100m  National Champion

As the outdoor track season opens up here in California (next week in SoCal) and across the country over the next eight weeks. The online youth sports website Youth1  has highlighted the top  Ten Middle School  Girls ( Youth Division 13-14 year olds 7th,8th graders  in the country)  Thanks to Youth1 for the great overview. [...]

Muscular Balance, Core Stability and Injury Resilience


Most injuries of the track athlete can be classified as “overuse.” An overuse injury can be defined as any injury of the musculoskeletal system that results from the combined fatigue effect over a period of time beyond the capabilities of the body to regenerate itself. These overuse injuries  can often turn to chronic, nagging issues [...]

Mediterranean Tuna Antipasto Salad

This Salad Is Beyond Your Basic Bleacher  Bag Lunch

Just how many sandwiches can you  eat in a season of weekly meets. For me, probably not another one and so….Enter in  a healthy  salad that is filling and good for you too! Thanks to Eating Well for this great recipe    A reader commented “This is a nice light salad. It was particularly great [...]

Never To Early To Think About Spring and Summer Clothing


  I admit I am totally dragging you into my secret addiction today. It’s raining, cold outside and I frankly don’t want to do anything but day dream about clothes I pick out on Pintrest  . I am on a little break here at my office so why not. What’s Pintrest ?? Well I call [...]