Fridays 5 Five Natural Tips For Healing Chapped Lips

Healthy Lips Are So Beautiful

  Have you ever told you kid right before they go to staging for a race or field event ” Hey!  Get some chapstick on your lips they look soooo dry”

2012 Youth Girl 100m Top Ten Preview

Indiana's Lynna Irby  2010 100m MG 2011,  YG 100m  National Champion

As the outdoor track season opens up here in California (next week in SoCal) and across the country over the next eight weeks. The online youth sports website Youth1  has highlighted the top  Ten Middle School  Girls ( Youth Division 13-14 year olds 7th,8th graders  in the country)  Thanks to Youth1 for the great overview. [...]

Never To Early To Think About Spring and Summer Clothing


  I admit I am totally dragging you into my secret addiction today. It’s raining, cold outside and I frankly don’t want to do anything but day dream about clothes I pick out on Pintrest  . I am on a little break here at my office so why not. What’s Pintrest ?? Well I call [...]

Symone Mason All The Right Moves

symone mason_1 2011

  This is the first installment of what I hope to be one of  many on the top contenders in the Youth Girls Division 2012.

A Hour Of Surfing Got Me Thinkin’ About (Girls) Women’s Track

Quiet Fire's National JO Champions Lauren Williams 100m,200m,4x100mr  and Amber Gore 800m

  At least a little bit of each day I think about track and field, particularly girls track and field. I recently was thinking(and internet surfing)   about the sport that brings many of us so much joy and I have come  to the totally biased probably (not based on anything but the fact that I birthed  [...]