What Kind Of Sprinter Is Your Youth Athlete?


  Athletes come in many shapes, sizes,all attitude ranges and mental dispostions as well.

Athletics For Girls ….You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

"Runners Take Your Marks"

 I  was reading some posts over at  Women Talk Sports  and I happen to find a great, regular feature  on young women in sports a century ago. As I read on, I found a post specicfically on young women in athletics (track and field) and it was fasinating to me. It got me to thinking about just how [...]

Life On The Road OF A Track Athlete

Like I Always Say..Fast Girls Have All The Fun!

Allyson Felix shares life on the road in a video blog  5.23.11. Take a peak below!

Common Sense Training Approach For Youth Sports


  Common Sense Isn’t So Common in Youth Sports I know this title could go so many places within the youth sphere. Today I am referring specifically  to the proper (what should be) basic training for our youth athletes. There is a behavior many parents in youth sport today

The Female Sprinters Prayer

Picture 29929[1]

 This is a nice  poem adapted  from a poem about football players by Coach Alex. He also is the photographer of this Female Sprinter in the picture above also named Alex.  Have you every thought  about  what a female sprinter does or thinks about before a big race?