The Power Of Beets….. Five Reasons To Try Something New To You

Beet Juice Cocktail,one of the many ways to benefit and enjoy the mysterious 
root called the BEET..The name just screams Fast doesn't It !

I happen to be one of those strange people that really enjoys a variety of veggies. Beets has been one of my favorites for a very long time. My lovely Grandama  Edith Cantlo and Grandpa Lorenzo Cantlo  use to juice all kinds of things for us growing up and I attribute their  love of healthy [...]

Have You Seen This Effective Core Exercise


Core is such a buzz word that often times get throw into a seas of ab crunches….This just shouldn’t be so. To have a strong core, a core that supports the work an athlete demands of it , it has to have the proper stability and strength

Lifelong Bone Health Begins In Childhood

A cross sectional picture of a healthy bone matrix and an osteoporotic bone matrix picture courtesy  of

  I am always encouraging my patients and their parents to include as many healthy choices as possible into their regular diet. This doesn’t mean they can’t eat some “fun food at the fair”

Muscular Balance, Core Stability and Injury Resilience


Most injuries of the track athlete can be classified as “overuse.” An overuse injury can be defined as any injury of the musculoskeletal system that results from the combined fatigue effect over a period of time beyond the capabilities of the body to regenerate itself. These overuse injuries  can often turn to chronic, nagging issues [...]

The Magic Of Water Training (Part 1)


Over two years ago seeking to add some variety and fun to Lauren’s summer training we did some research and talked to Dr. Rick McAvoy, a well-respected authority on water  training, sports performance and rehabilitation in water. I was already excited