Core Stabilty The Plank


    With the return to school upon us the beginning of fall sports and pre season (track ) training for those not in a fall sport will begin again. While Lauren does participate in a fall sport,there is a less competitive component and less training time involved. She likes it and so do I. It gives her time [...]

Compression Tights…Can They Really Help Your Athlete

Compression tights many brands to chose from

  Compression Tights….Not  Your Grannies Support Hose

What’s Your Take On Recovery Fuel?

Pre and Post Hydration And Refueling Is Important

  I recently had a conversation with a patient that is also a Chiropractor and the question went something like this “So what is  YOUR  take on recovery drinks after a tough workout, do you think  I need to place more emphasis on it?”  Well just getting back from the Gatorade trip the information was [...]

Common Sense Training Approach For Youth Sports


  Common Sense Isn’t So Common in Youth Sports I know this title could go so many places within the youth sphere. Today I am referring specifically  to the proper (what should be) basic training for our youth athletes. There is a behavior many parents in youth sport today

MOM! I’m Sooooo Sore Today


Graphic by This is a very common complaint, it can feel like every muscle in your body is in pain, especially in the earliest part of the outdoor track season. What causes the pain our kids feel muscle pain and soreness sometimes almost 2 days after  the initial  exercise/training session? Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) describes [...]