USATF National Meeting 2012…One To Remember

USATF Jesse Owens Awards Banquet  TrackMom Allyson Felix Coach Venus

This is my second National Meeting and I sincerely hope that they continue to get better and better.Last year was a great experience but I came home  a little disappointed with some of the topics that needed to be resolved with the Elite Athlete group and a general feeling as business as usual and a [...]

Does Your Athlete Display Champion Characteristics


Champions share many characteristics, none of which are determined by their talents. Here are some of those characteristics. How many of these statements also describe you and your life? A champion has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are lessons to learn from. A champion uses an event to gain greater self-knowledge as well as [...]

What’s Happening To High School Track?


  I am frequently asked “what high school will Lauren attend ?? Most often I respond, I have my favorites for academics, I have no favorites as of yet for Athletics”

Energy Systems (Part 2)

  I want to begin part 2 of this series by

Ask TrackMom


  I get lots of questions weekly about nutrition, training, and more