What Was Your Most Memorable Moment Of the 2011 Season

August 2011 AAU National Junior Olympic Games  A surprise for Lauren  and the other athletes at dinner...Junior Olympians dining with Olympians That was soooo special forthe kids,

  Before another track season begins  let’s one more time think back on our most memorable time of the 2011 season. Track Dad Jones shared this picture today with me with the caption  “Do You Recognize Someone  In This Picture”

Track Season 2012 Reminders To Our Kids


It is never a picnic to see our young people acting out and being rude and  disruptive while at a track meet. I know, I know this is preaching to the choir but maybe it can give you a little bit more to think on as it has me. In General Remind them to…… My dad [...]

Inspiration Is Just A Bike Ride Away

Remember when riding a bike was the biggest challenge you had to face

Remember when riding a bike was the biggest challenge you had to face     I feel,I feel,I feel happy of “Myself”…… If you don’t  get it just keep trying you will get the hang of it!        

TrackMom’s Hall Of Fame Quotes


  I have been collecting  here on TrackMom.com with your help lots and lots of quotes over the past year.  I have placed them all on this page updated with your newest quotes 10.19.10 

I Run Like A Girl….. I Like it ,And It’s A Good Thing


  Quiet Fire Track team 2009  Awards Banquet February 3, 2010 is the 24th annual celebration of women and girls in sports - A  special day where thousands of sports related people like,coaches ,parents educators across the country