Twist of Lemon Yogurt Parfait


  This yogurt parfait is a great after workout snack and also a nice light breakfast for the light breakfast eater in your household. To round it out a little bit more you can serve a whole wheat toast and boiled,scrambled eggs for a complete rubust and healthy breakfast .   Parfaits are fun because [...]

Spicy Peanut Noodles

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I found this great recipe on Pinterest and quickly posted it to a board on my account called Runner Take Your Mark Food as Fuel    Thanks to Smashed Peas and Carrots for the original share of this great recipe.

What Should My Kid Eat At A Track Meet?…..Cucumbers


In many households, cucumbers are only in the fridge in the form of pickles. Cucumbers have more to give that a simple salty pickle existence on a sandwich from time to time. Cucumbers are actually a GREAT food to eat at the meets and at home. I know, I know you say “cucumbers? my kid [...]

As If You Needed More Info On The Woes Of Drinking Soda


  According to the American Beverage Association, the average American drinks an estimated 54 gallons of soda per year. Drinking just one soda a day can add up to over 91,000 calories a year.

Berries In A Cloud


This is a great after practice after dinner  dessert. You can serve this with frozen or fresh the frozen berries. This is a   recipe from Real Simple . All types of berries are nutritious and low in calories.