Lauren Isn’t Running High School Track

Day 4 Wichita, 200m_4x1finals 089LL&L

No she is not, at least not yet…. she’s only in the 7th grade LOL….Gotcha!  I read an amazing thoughtful article that is hands down ONE OF THE  BEST I have read on youth track to date…

What’s With Our Sport?? More Accusations and Bans

A peacful track moment before a strom of activity

  The past couple of days I have discussed with friends, read tweeted and FB posted about the recently revealed negative drug tested of Jamaican Steve Mullins and American Mike Rodgers. These revelations are not only saddening to our track community they are down right hurtful to the sport and the amazing athletes we love and respect. [...]

Track Meet Best Practices For the End User..That’s You and Your Athlete

Dad's 2010  JO Pics 010_300

  As many teams across the county know, hosting a quality,well run,organized

But Coach I Really Don’t Like ….


    Many kids say these words “But coach I don’t even like that event” all to often…what does a coach do when these word come out of of an athetes mouth?   Coach Dean Hebert of “The Running World According to Dean” has some pretty good advice and idead on just how to handle this all [...]

Predicting the 4X100 Meter Relay Time

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  With the  Texas Relays and Penn Relays just behind us  I got to thinking about relays and Quiet Fire’s Girl’s bantam team relay potential this season. Coach Henry has taught them to hand off amazing well so it’s just a matter of running like there’s no tomorrow…….. At , my friend Jimson Lee has a cool way of  Predicting [...]