TrackMom Diaries High School Hunting …..Scarier Than Halloween at Knotts Scary Farm

Looking for a suitable High School..Scarier than this clown

  Knotts “Scarey” Farm is a local Amusement park just 15-20 minutes  from our home and a very popular attraction during the early fall heading toward Halloween. It’s a big deal and all the kids for almost 40 years years  have made it a destination to go to during this season. I have never been  [...]

TrackMom Diaries Day 5 7.29.12 Final Day of USATF JO’s

Quiet Fire IG 4x800 and YB 4x800 Relays

Almost yearly about this time of the year I have to ask myself  ”What Day Is It??” This segment of TrackMom Diaries is a retrospective post from my notes typed in my phone beginning 7.29.12.

TrackMom Diaries Monday 7.23-24.12′ Time To Start Thinking Track


Today was the opening ceremonies,before we left for them we just kicked around just relaxing and  trying to get one last day before our official JO  journey begins.It has been nice to hang out with family we haven’t seen  in a while and so nice to be on a “kinda” Vacation/Tracation the past three days.

TrackMom Diaries The Championship Countdown Clock Is Ticking

Bond "Fire" Girls  Jazzy,Staci and Lauen

  Yesterday was a Fun Day for the  Youth and Intermediate  division  athletes.We went to the beach all day long and late into the night with lots  of fun, food  and lots and lots of  sand.Of course it was a beach party at Bolsa Chica State Beach. It was great seeing the kids relaxed and [...]

TrackMom Diaries Our 6th Journey to the JO’s


This season like all the season in the past has been very different than the last. I never heard  anyone discuss the journey an athlete and their family experiences as a an athlete grows and progresses in the sport. I will always say I completely enjoy track and field. With that blanket statement it has [...]