Coaches Common Sense Training Tips


Good coaching and a diligent  hard working athlete can make a winning team I almost daily talk to at least 3 or more coaches about youth track and field.What can make it better,what are some of the best practices they incorporate to yield the best performance outcomes and simply what they would like to see in [...]

Training an Athlete…..Things I Have Learned From My Practice


 With over 16 years in private practice I have seen many athletes  and their injuries come and go

The Performance Zone 45W15-30 Revisted


                    Katie Nelms  2009 silver medalist  CA State Finals 100m Hurdles Here is an article that was posted a while back and due to the recent questions.I think it’s time to review it.  Unfortunately,our lives are so busy our youth athletes nutritional needs and requirements for good performance can [...]

Sports Injuries On The Rise


                      Broken  Distal  Right  Tibial Youth sport Injuries are on the rise and seem to be more and more in the news lately. Much of the increase has to do with year round one sport activity

More Talk On Warming Up


   Dynamic Stretching vs. Static Stretching  Taylor Tollison  of has written a nice article on the basis of static and dynamic stretching.Thanks to Taylor for allowing this reprint. As coaches and trainers we will perform anything from plyometrics to sprinting to reduce injury and increase performance.  The real question is whether the type of stretching [...]