Asian Noodle Salad…..Any Way You Like

You can add chicken more veggies change the noodles(like  me) to gluten free
this is a great track side meal or quick grab and go for energy.

    I recently made this dish for my families lunch at the USATF  SCA Association Championship Meet

Have You Seen This Effective Core Exercise


Core is such a buzz word that often times get throw into a seas of ab crunches….This just shouldn’t be so. To have a strong core, a core that supports the work an athlete demands of it , it has to have the proper stability and strength

The Final Leg Of Our Journey To The JO’s Greensbro, North Carolina

2013 track

This weekend West Coast Speed Track Team and the Williams family  spent two very hot and very exciting days   qualifying for our new teams first Junior Olympic showing and Lauren’s last official age group regional qualifier

TrackMom Diaries …A New Season, A New Team “West Coast Speed”


  Yes, I have been very obviously MIA the past  months. While I think about TM daily I have been quite busy with the beginning of the new season and planning new goals for me and our family and new track family as well. My really big time  sapper, happily so  has been helping  great [...]

Is There A Dark Stranger Lurking In Your Athletes Sweat Jacket ?


This article was originally posted about a year ago and since then this topic has become even more interesting and needed. We are handing the WORLD to our children and expecting them to understand the details of a world they are  just beginning to understand as they growing toward maturity. I thought it was important [...]