Attributes Of A Champion

2012 London Olympic Gold Medal

  Kirk Mango @ has  written a two part post on the attributes of a true champion.  We agree that a true champion isn’t just made with “natural talent”. It is a combination of many things that makes a real champion. Four Years And Counting

Garden theme 4th birthday cake

WOW  WOW WOW  December 1st ,2011 marked’s  fourth year …Where did the time go?

A Hour Of Surfing Got Me Thinkin’ About (Girls) Women’s Track

Quiet Fire's National JO Champions Lauren Williams 100m,200m,4x100mr  and Amber Gore 800m

  At least a little bit of each day I think about track and field, particularly girls track and field. I recently was thinking(and internet surfing)   about the sport that brings many of us so much joy and I have come  to the totally biased probably (not based on anything but the fact that I birthed  [...]

Ladies and Gentlemen “The Mane Event”

Red is known to be a color of champions

Can hair influence track performance? Can the Sprinter Girl Actually Go Faster? Do the sleek colorful styles and shapes make a real difference?

TrackMom Diaries Day 3 and 4 AAU What A Track Mom Wants

Track Moms Know "Bring A Hat Avoid Sunburn"

  8.3.11  I am noticing small details that have made or would  make our trip more comfortable and because I have more time this afternoon(we left immediately after her race was over. Here is my quick list of a bigger TM travel list yet to be complied but getting  there. What a Track Mom wants is everything [...]