Ladies and Gentlemen “The Mane Event”

Red is known to be a color of champions

Can hair influence track performance? Can the Sprinter Girl Actually Go Faster? Do the sleek colorful styles and shapes make a real difference?

TrackMom Diaries Day 3 and 4 AAU What A Track Mom Wants

Track Moms Know "Bring A Hat Avoid Sunburn"

  8.3.11  I am noticing small details that have made or would  make our trip more comfortable and because I have more time this afternoon(we left immediately after her race was over. Here is my quick list of a bigger TM travel list yet to be complied but getting  there. What a Track Mom wants is everything [...]

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore… Day 1 and 2 AAU Nation Junior Olympic Games

Day 4 Wichita, 200m_4x1finals 096 450 not in kansas

It’s A  Wrap the 2011USATF Junior Olympics went off without a hitch   well…with a few hitches and I am sure a lot was learned from the glitches. Over all I believe Wichita did their best .They really couldn’t help the new 3 rounds (that barely got off the ground),weather concerns, stadium evacuation weather delay oh yeah  addition of the [...]

TrackMom Diaries Competition Day 4 THIS IS IT

Day 4 Wichita, 200m_4x1finals 060 450

 7.31.11 This is it the final day of USATF competition. We  are packed and totally ready to get on the plane as soon as the podium awards are done. We have had a good time here and now on to NOLA… Lauren runs well today.

The 3 R’s Relax , Rejoice and Release

Phoenix Invite 2011 Mom Lauren and Coach/Dad

         Recently I read a post  at jbmthinks  the 3 R’s of Sports Parenting  “Relax,Rejoice and Release”.  It really got me thinking about my own Youth Sports Parent experience thus far and my personal abilty to grow and progress in these three  areas.