Ask Coach Henry…What Are Spikes For? Do I Need Them?

Oz spikes _475

On the last day of  USATF JO 2008  Championships Lauren ran in the Bantam Girl 100m final and took a 7th place finish. As she took her spikes off so we could get ready to travel to Detroit she handed them to me and to my utter amazement

Welcome To TrackMom 2.0 New Just For You !

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  Greetings from TrackMom! Well it has finally happened. A much needed face lift for TrackMom. Not me…The website  There are a few new features and a few more to  come over the next few days and weeks. Don’t be shy, check out what’s new. Many of the orginal features are still here, just packaged a little [...]

Flexibilty…… Not Your Mother’s Stretching Program


       Stretching on a regular basis easier than you might think

Kids Just Want To Have Fun, Parents Too!


  2009 AAU Junior Olympic Games no medals but still had Fun   Kids play sports for fun. Just what is fun for a kid? Well fun for a kid just as an adult vary.

Will Your Kid Want To Retire From Track and Field Soon?


                     The Track, Soccer and Softball, Baseball Fields and Basketball Courts to name a few in America are littered with the what seems to be trashed dreams