Core Stabilty The Plank


    With the return to school upon us the beginning of fall sports and pre season (track ) training for those not in a fall sport will begin again. While Lauren does participate in a fall sport,there is a less competitive component and less training time involved. She likes it and so do I. It gives her time [...]

Welcome To TrackMom 2.0 New Just For You !

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  Greetings from TrackMom! Well it has finally happened. A much needed face lift for TrackMom. Not me…The website  There are a few new features and a few more to  come over the next few days and weeks. Don’t be shy, check out what’s new. Many of the orginal features are still here, just packaged a little [...]

Developing Athletic Talent


  Bryce Love 2009 Triple Junior Olympic Champion and Double National Record Holder Talent Rising

Strength Training For Prepubesecent Children…. Should It Be Done


  Recently an acquaintance  asked me a very common question I am sure all sports parents ask at some point…..

It Does Matter Whether You Win Or Lose

It Does Matter Whether You Win or Lose! Written by guest contributor Chris Mack Assistant Head Coach of the Quite Fire Track Club Los Angeles,California Our society is passionately engaged in a tremendous love affair with sports.  A major focus is directed toward winning and winners.  Whether good or bad, the reality of winning is a [...]